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For the experts in steel fabrication and custom metal work, including exterior railings, stairs, and commercial repairs, Evolution Welding are your number-one choice in Calgary for customer service and a friendly team of experienced professionals.

Evolution Welding

Custom Welding Experts

Unique Designs, Tailored Services

If metal fabrication in Calgary is what you need, look no further than Evolution Welding. With our tailored services, we offer projects perfectly suited to our customer’s specifications. Our unique designs and great service provide steel and metal work that meets all your needs. You can be confident knowing we are the custom welding experts, and take pride in each and every specialized product that we deliver. Grown from a small team of experienced professionals, Evolution Welding has gone from small-scale tasks to detailed, larger, personalized requests for commercial and residential projects alike. With our tools, skills, and friendly customer service, Evolution Welding is ready to customize your next welding opportunity.

Treating Every Project with the Distinction it Deserves

At Evolution Welding we believe that our custom metalwork is something to be truly proud of. We individually assess each project on its merits, whether it’s small-scale railings to custom bespoke pieces, before carefully crafting it with precision and detail. Our attention to every aspect of a project leaves no stone unturned when producing high-quality results that are both aesthetically pleasing and stand the test of time. Additionally, Evolution has unparalleled pride in our steel fabrication work. We thoroughly review each job, regardless of size, and ensure that every detail is taken into account. Our steel fabrication techniques produce outstanding results that boast aesthetically pleasing visuals with longevity. We guarantee a consistent standard of quality like no other.

Evolution Welding
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Modern Metal Fabrication, Made to Suit Your Space

Metal work is an art form, and if you are looking for steel fabrication specifically tailored to fit your space and meet a wide range of needs, then look no further than Evolution Welding. Our top-notch metal work is crafted with precision and attention to detail.

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Steel Fabrication in Calgary

Interior & Exterior Railings
Evolution Welding specializes in crafting exterior railings that can be customized to fit any customer's application. From commercial to residential, they have the ability to design exterior railings with both precision and expertise. Each railing is fabricated following exact customer specifications and assembled by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience in the trade.
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Whatever look you desire, whether a modern or classic aesthetic, Evolution Welding can provide you with custom metal fabricated stairs that are of superior quality and an equally superior level of customer service. For unique designs and expert execution, Evolution is your number-one choice.
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Custom Metal Work
From small equipment repairs to large structural changes - no project is too big or too small for us. With our superior craftsmanship combined with a profound understanding of custom metalwork, you can be sure that your welding project will come out perfectly and on time. Let us at Evolution Welding bring your dream into reality today!
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Miscellaneous Metals
At Evolution Welding, we are proud of our expertise when it comes to miscellaneous metals. We have the capability, the resources and the know-how when it comes to constructing welding projects that exceed expectations. Our team is available to help design a project based on your vision.
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Welding & Repair
If you're looking for welding and repair services that are reliable and of top quality, look no further than Evolution Welding. Our experienced welding technicians have been trusted for decades to provide welding and repair services that are not only reliable but also durable and long-lasting.
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Our Customers Say It All

Custom Designed Creations

At Evolution Welding, our expertise lies in providing clients with unique, custom-designed welding creations that suit their individual needs and preferences. Our talented professionals craft tailored welding metal fabrications that demonstrate artistic flair.

Tailored Welding Fabrications

Utilizing our in-depth industry knowledge and cutting-edge techniques, we work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements, ensuring a final product that surpasses their expectations. Discover the possibilities that Evolution Welding can offer, and elevate your space.

Evolution Welding: A Tailored Experience

Fair Pricing & Reliable Service

With Evolution Welding, you can trust us with your metal fabrication job and know that it will be done correctly the first time, complete with fair pricing and reliable service.

Personable & Experienced

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust your customized welding project will be completed with care and integrity. From beginning to end of each project, we remain personal, professional, and supportive.

Metalwork & Repair

At Evolution Welding, we use the latest welding technology to ensure the highest quality results, no matter what project you need welding or repairs on. Don't hesitate: when it comes to welding and repair services, Evolution Welding is your number one choice.

Flexible Options & Versatile Designs

We make use of modern practices in welding to ensure that every project meets the highest standards of quality. That’s because the welders behind Evolution Welding possess decades of combined experience.

Our Works

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

When it comes to custom welding projects, the sky’s the limit. Custom work can include furniture, such as desks or chairs, outdoor tools, such as a firewood dolly, creative projects, such as planters or vases, or bigger jobs, like stairs and railings.

The cost of each custom welding project varies. For an idea of what your vision or project may cost, get in touch with Evolution Welding, and we can offer you a quote or a ballpark, so that you can start planning your tailored ideas.

As an Albertan-based company, we are located in Calgary, but serve Calgary and surrounding area.